Can vinyl flooring be installed over concrete?

Can vinyl flooring be installed over concrete?

A vinyl floor is an excellent choice if you have a concrete subfloor. The characteristics of this flooring line make it a perfect choice for this use.

Specific issues come up with concrete that brings this question to light. So here are some facts to help you better understand the materials and their protection.

What are the issues with concrete subflooring?

The biggest issue with a concrete subfloor is moisture reaching the surface. It's essential to address this issue, especially with a nonporous floor covering.

Moisture testing before adding a vinyl floor is an essential first step. It gives you an idea of what to deal with moving forward with your remodel.

What can luxury vinyl mean with concrete subfloors?

If the concrete was recently poured, it's essential to let it cure for days without covering. Then you should test the moisture content to ensure there are no issues.

If you're still concerned about moisture, the logical next step is to install a vapor barrier. This type of underlayment can come attached or added before the flooring.

Moving forward with the installation

Once vinyl floor subfloor concerns are no longer an issue, the installation can proceed. We'll discuss all the details depending on your chosen materials and services.

If you have questions, this is a great time to ask. We have all the answers to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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