Does vinyl flooring expand?

Does vinyl flooring expand?

Believe it or not, vinyl floor products do expand and contract under certain circumstances, leading to problems if not considered before installation. Today, we will talk a little more about that and tell you how you can alleviate any issues because of it, so follow along here for more information.

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Even though it’s not as sensitive to moisture, dampness, and temperature changes as wood flooring, any vinyl floor can expand and contract with the right environmental circumstances. But understanding that this is a part of the process beforehand can help alleviate any problems that could come of it.

One of the essential things your professional installation team will include is an expansion gap on perimeter edges and installation interruptions such as columns or staircases. These ensure that if expansion does occur, it will not cause your flooring to buckle, cup, or warp through the process.

To keep expansion to a minimum, be sure to keep your HVAC unit set to keep the temperature comfortable for your household. Temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees create a generally comfortable cushion that will alleviate these issues and keep them from becoming problems.

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