Five tips for choosing your next floor from your local Bucks County carpet and flooring installers?

Five tips for choosing your next floor from your local Bucks County carpet and flooring installers?

Here at Olden carpet and flooring, we know what your ailments are when it comes to picking out flooring. The many styles, manufacturers, materials and textures can all be enticing and confusing. We have heard many stories of horror and woes and this should definitely be a pleasurable experience and not a disaster. We have some top tips to share with your to help make your experience, well, less stressful.

Tip #1: Finding inspiration

Look to your favorite colors and pallets. Look for inspiration in the things your enjoy and perhaps the last vacation you went on where you were truly inspired. This will set the foundation for your decisions and give you direction. Was it that rustic camping lodge you visited or was it the elegance of the Manhattan studio that caught your eye. Inspiration is all around us, we just have to see it. This could really fit as tip #2 as well because both tip #1 and tip#2 are really interchangeable.

Tip #2: The Style of Flooring Matters
Once you have found your directions, its time to take stock of what your are looking to change. Are you looking to replace or upgrade the kitchen flooring or the living room? This may help narrow down he styles as well and lend reason to the type of flooring your going to want and need. I mean, your not going to put carpet in the kitchen…Are you? So this thinking already has the genre or style and now we have the type of material.

Tip #3: What Material Should You Choose
This leads to the type of material. Say we are looking at hard wood flooring. Then we can choose from real hardwood or engineered wood. This can be tricky but both could be really good choices. This comes down to maintenance and money. Either way, they both really look great and will leave you with the motif and style in the direction you want to go. This also goes for tile and laminate as well.

Tip #4: Get Measurements and Find the Installer
We have figured out what you like and the material your going to use so we can narrow down the colors. Because we know are color pallet as well, now we need to get measurements and find the best installer for the job. Remember that measurements are in yards with carpet. This will save time when you go to the showroom or to the local flooring center to buy your flooring. The last thing you want to do is to get to the store and not be able to purchase your new flooring. Bring the measurements with you. There are even apps for your phone that can help with the ability to snap pics and draw on the photo.

Tip #5: Flooring is an Investment

The last tip from your local Bucks County Carpet Installers is to always think of the flooring as an investment. What We mean is that most people go with the cheapest carpets, tiles and laminates. But you really need to look at the quality of the material and installer you buy and hire respectively. This last decision can make or break the appearance of the floor. While we don’t believe you should break the bank for flooring, we are in the corner of treating your flooring like an investment so you can enjoy it for years to come. In the long run, you will be saving money by spending on quality.

There you have it…our top 5 tips on installing new flooring and what you should think about before the major purchase. Kids, family and pets will place stress on the best of flooring material; however, we are confident that following these practical tips will lend you to making a better and more durable choice. Enjoy your new Flooring.