Self Leveling Floor

Is your floor sagging or sinking? Are feeling like your walking up hill or down hill in your own home? Tired of tripping because the floor has speed bumps? Then you have come to the right place!

Most floors will become worn after years of traffic. Many times the owners, maybe even yourself, just replace the carpet and add thicker padding to compensate.  The problem isn’t the padding, it’s that the floor itself has been worn down to create a bow or even what feels like a bump. Lets agree that even the strongest of material gets worn down. Heck…we see the highways under recontructions all the time. Your home is no different. That’s where we come in…your Bucks County Specialist with self leveling.

We are the only flooring company in Bucks County that performs self leveling.  That’s Right!  We will ensure that your floor is sitting correct and has no pesky speed bumps. No slopes or up hill climbs. Hey…Let’s leave the workouts for the gym.  Self leveling is a material that we place onto your floor to fix the worn out areas and bring the floor back to its original flat and level nature. Then we will place the flooring of your choice down.

The benefits are that your flooring will last and you will save money in the long run. No worn out areas of carpet or cracked wood and tile.

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